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The Best Power Banks for Pokemon Go

best power banks for pokemon go

Pokemon Go is such a huge drain on your phone’s battery that you literally can’t play it away from your charger for more than a few hours at a time unless you have a power bank handy to keep your battery topped off. A good power bank is one that …

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Pokemon Go Leveling Rewards

Leveling rewards

Level 2 Poké Ball x 10 Level 3 Poké Ball x 15 Level 4 Poké Ball x 15 Level 5 Poké Ball x 20 Potion x 10 Revive x 10 Incense x 1 Level 6 Poké Ball x 15 Potion x 10 Revive x 5 Egg Incubator x 1 Level …

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6 Pokemon Go Tips I Wish I Knew Before I Started

Pokemon Go Tips

Capturing Pokemon Easier If you’ve been having problems catching certain Pokemon that move around frequently (like those pesky Zubats) then perhaps you’ve been throwing your Pokeballs too quickly. Before you sling your Pokeball, pay attention to the white ring around the Pokemon. When you tap and hold the Pokeball, the …

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How Gyms Work in Pokemon Go and How to Capture Them

Pokemon Go Gym Guide

Perhaps you’ve been catching Pokemon and haven’t had time to visit a gym yet, or maybe you have but you’re not quite sure how the team prestige system works, well in this post we’re going to  explain all that. Finding a Gym Finding a gym isn’t hard unless you live …

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How to Get Pikachu as Your Starter in Pokemon Go

Pikachu as Pokemon Go Starter

Everyone is hooked on Pokemon Go at the moment and new easter eggs, features and bugs are still being discovered, but the most awesome discovery yet is an easter egg which lets you choose Pikachu as your starter Pokemon as opposed to Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasour. So if you haven’t …

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