6 Pokemon Go Tips I Wish I Knew Before I Started

Capturing Pokemon Easier

If you’ve been having problems catching certain Pokemon that move around frequently (like those pesky Zubats) then perhaps you’ve been throwing your Pokeballs too quickly. Before you sling your Pokeball, pay attention to the white ring around the Pokemon.

When you tap and hold the Pokeball, the white circle will start to contract and turn green, throwing your Pokeball when the green circle is at it’s smallest size will maximize the chance of catching the Pokemon.

via Giphy
via Giphy

Evolve Duplicate Pokemon for EXP

Once you start amassing large numbers of a certain Pokemon such as Rattatas and Magnemites which are very common, your first thought would be to transfer them all to Professor Willow and stock up on as many candies as you can, but after you already have an evolved version of that Pokemon you’ll be left with an abundance of candy and little stardust, so save a few of these low level Pokemon and use the candies to evolve them, netting you 500EXP per evolution.

Track Down Pokemon Easier

Check out the image below made by /u/DJToaster, it’s immensely helpful when trying to track down Pokemon that are nearby.

track down nearby pokemon

Defend as Many Gyms as You Can

It might be tempting to just camp the gym closest to your house, but you can actually have 10 Pokemon defending different gyms – which is great because for every gym you defend you’ll receive 500 stardust and 10 coins every single day which allow you to further train your Pokemon and buy useful items from the store. Traveling from gym to gym is also a great way to encounter new Pokemon to capture.

Capturing gyms with your friends is a great way to make sure the gym is defended with more than one Pokemon before you leave for the next gym since that way they will be harder to take back and you’ll have a better chance at getting the daily bonus.

If you need more info on how gyms work, view our gym post here.

Using Lucky Eggs Strategically

Lucky Eggs are consumable items which double your EXP gain for 30 minutes. While the 30 minute timer is a bit short as you can only catch a few Pokemon during that time, there is a way to use Lucky Eggs to level up extremely quickly.

In the section above we explained how you should evolve duplicate Pokemon for EXP, the trick is to stockpile many of them and evolve them all at the same time while you have an active Lucky Egg buff, that way you’ll be getting 1000EXP per evolution instead of the normal 500EXP!

You can also use an incense at the same time as the Lucky Egg and gain even more EXP!

Spend Coins on Incense, Use Them When You’re Not Moving

It might be tempting for a new player to immediately stock up on 200 Pokeballs, but this is a bad idea as Pokeballs are very common when visiting Pokestops and you shouldn’t need to buy them.

Incense and lures, however, are another story as they are very rare to get from Pokestops so most of your coins should go towards buying them. When you’re indoors or somewhere where you cant actively hunt for Pokemon is a great time to use lures to attract Pokemon to you instead.

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