The Best Power Banks for Pokemon Go

best powerbanks for pokemon go

Pokemon Go is such a huge drain on your phone’s battery that you literally can’t play it away from your charger for more than a few hours at a time unless you have a power bank handy to keep your battery topped off.

A good power bank is one that is small enough to fit in your pocket or your hand comfortably and one that can charge your phone multiple times before having to charge the power bank again.

There are many power banks to choose from and it may be confusing for someone who has never bought one before, below we will list 3 of the best power banks for 3 different price ranges.

Anker Astro E1 5200mAh

Anker Astro E1The Anker Astro E1 is an ultra compact portable charger which fits perfectly in any pocket due to it’s small size, but don’t let its size fool you as this little power bank can fully charge an iPhone 6 at least twice and Android phones such as the Galaxy S6 to about 180% (nearly 2 full charges.)

Like most Anker power banks, this one is also powered by Anker PowerIQ Technology which detects your device to deliver its fastest possible charge speed (up to 4x as fast as a computer USB port.)

This power bank also comes at a very affordable price, making it the best high quality power bank you can get at this price range. It also comes in different colors such as red and blue (although at a higher price.)

If you’re looking for a cheap, high-quality power bank you should definitely consider this one, however if you have more money to spare you may want to get an even bigger one that would provide 5+ charges and more bang for your buck.

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Anker PowerCore 13000mAh

Anker PowerCore 13000The Anker PowerCore 13000 is the successor to the PowerCore 10400 – which we won’t even list here because this one is simply better. While not as small as as the Anker Astro listed above, it’s still smaller than a wallet and can fit in most pockets with ease.

This 13000 mAh power bank can charge your iPhone 6 at least 5 times and a Galaxy S6 3.5 times, making it perfect for a night of Pokemon hunting without having to head home because you’re phone’s out of juice.

The power bank has 2 USB ports, allowing you to charge 2 devices at the same time which makes it perfect for sharing with friends and family or for people who own multiple devices. It is also powered by PowerIQ and VoltageBoost, Anker’s fast charging technology which delivers the fastest charge for your device (up to 3 amps.)

If you play Pokemon Go for hours on end and need a high quality power bank that will provide your phone with multiple charges, this one is probably for you.

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RAVPower 22000mAh

RAVPower 22000The RAVPower 22000 is a monster, this 22000mh power bank is capable of charging an iPhone 6 up to 10 times and a Galaxy S6 up to 6 times, making it the go-to power bank for people who plan to spend the whole day out catching Pokemon. It also has 3 USB ports for a total current output of 5.8A so that you can share it with other people.

Powered by iSMART 2.0 and Panasonic Smart IC frequency technology, this power bank adjusts current and voltage to minimize charging time and provides a safer and higher current conversion.

The quality and design of this external battery is simply amazing, the outside is made of a UL94 V-0 fire-resistant shell used by Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other companies for their luxury cars.

Due to its high capacity this power bank is a bit larger than the ones listed above (6.5 x 0.9 x 2.8 inches – slightly larger than the iPhone 6 Plus and 3 times as thick) and weighs 14.4 ounces, so it might not fit in shallow pockets. You could always carry it in a bag or the little carry pouch it comes in.

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