How Gyms Work in Pokemon Go and How to Capture Them

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Perhaps you’ve been catching Pokemon and haven’t had time to visit a gym yet, or maybe you have but you’re not quite sure how the team prestige system works, well in this post we’re going to  explain all that.

Finding a Gym

Finding a gym isn’t hard unless you live in a very rural area, they’re the largest thing visible on the map and have spotlights pointing at the sky (view the image below.) They’re usually assigned to public landmarks or meeting places like shopping malls, churches and parks.  A gym can either be Blue, Yellow or Red depending on the team that currently holds it. When you visit your first gym at level 5 you’ll need to choose which team you’re going to join; Instinct, Mystic or Valor.

Pokemon Go Gym
A Gym claimed by Team Mystic

What are Prestige Points?

When your team owns the gym you’re visiting, Prestige Points determine the number of Pokemon that can be left there to defend the gym. They also function as a kind of hp indicator for the gym, when prestige points finish the gym will return to neutral, allowing another team to capture it.

Prestige points are increased by participating in friendly battles at the gym.

Donating Pokemon to the Gym

For each gym your team owns, you can only donate one Pokemon to defend it. While your Pokemon is defending the gym you cannot level it up or evolve it, and when it is beaten at the gym it will return to you with 1hp.

Having a Pokemon at a gym will give you daily stardust and coin bonuses which can be collected from the upper right corner of the shop page.

If there is no space for your Pokemon to defend the gym, you might need to engage in friendly battles until the gym levels up and defending slots increase.

Capturing a Gym

When capturing a gym, you are able to choose 6 Pokemon to battle the gym you want to capture, even if there are only 3 Pokemon defending, you can attack with 6.

Every time you win a battle against the gym you lower it’s Prestige Points, and that means there will be less and less Pokemon defending the gym if you keep battling. When the gym’s prestige points are diminished, the gym will turn neutral again allowing you to capture it.

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